Sit with and consider this week

Starting a New Week

What uncomfortability are you currently sitting with?

Explore and understand the discomfort you're feeling, allowing yourself to delve into its root causes and potential solutions, such as reflecting on feelings of uncertainty about the future and career path.

What is your relationship like with and towards "rest"

Reflect on your relationship with and attitude towards "rest," considering how you perceive and prioritise relaxation and self-care in your daily life.

Where do you go to feel closest to yourself?

Reflect on where you go to feel closest to yourself, considering the places or activities that bring you a sense of peace, authenticity, and inner connection.

In what ways are you caring for your community?

Reflect on the ways you are caring for your community, considering the actions and initiatives you're involved in to support and uplift those around you.

Who are you no longer willing to be? Why?

Reflect on who you are no longer willing to be and why, considering the aspects of yourself or behaviours you've outgrown or are striving to change for personal growth and fulfilment.

What do you have to be proud of?

Reflect on what you have to be proud of, considering your accomplishments, strengths, and personal growth moments that deserve recognition and celebration.

Who do you turn to for feedback and sound advice?

Reflect on who you turn to for feedback and sound advice, considering the trusted individuals in your life whose perspectives and guidance you value and rely on for support and direction.