Dweller Beginnings

Amidst a time of big change, I found my Dad, surrounded by sheets of blank paper, scribbling away. It was a sight I had never imagined: my dad, usually so stoic, a seasoned carpenter, now consumed by the act of writing. His pencil was almost non-existent.

He was trying to unload the weight of his thoughts onto paper, to untangle the mess in his mind so he could sleep. Witnessing his vulnerability, his willingness to confront his struggles head-on, inspired me. It also resonated deeply with my own experiences of using journalling as a means to navigate through challenging times. 

Finding a creative outlet can be a lifeline. Journalling, writing (even if you can’t write like me) is one of the most accessible.

Anyway, I hope you use this space as a resource for self-reflection and appreciating beautiful things. 



Start a New Week

How do you reset to make the most of the new week?